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How can I open the game on multiple devices:
On the other devices too, open play.landventure.hu, and enter the same access code. You will see the same puzzles on each screen.
How much mobile data gets used up by playing:
One game requires cca 5Mb of mobile data.
How big of a strain the game is for the battery:
This heavily depends on the kind of phone you have, but there is no application you need to run for the game, and it does not use the resources of your phone - that means that the game counts as browsing time.
There are three hints attached to each task. The first two hints are just suggestions, the third one, however, is actually the solution.
The scores are based on the time and number of wrong numbers and hints.
Of course you can, what’s more, there are some tasks which expressly require some internet research.
Számít az idő?
A teljes küldetést tekintve nem, de feladatonként számít. Tehát két feladat között beülhettek ebédelni, ihattok egy fröccsöt vagy akár eltelhetnek napok is, de ha elkezdtek egy feladatot, akkor annak a konkrét feladatnak a megoldási ideje számítani fog.
In case you get stuck:
No problem. If you can't solve a puzzle, you can ask for help by dragging the toolbar up and clicking “Hint”. If you have asked for help 3 times, you will directly get through to the next task.

If there is a problem with the game or something was not available on site, please email us at
Contact us:
Tel: +36-30-585-4152
(10 és 22 óra között)
Enter the access code from the conformation e-mail.
Game code
Please enter the game code you received in the email.
Wrong code
Oops! The code you have entered is incorrect. Make sure that you use the code that you received correctly. If you have a coupon code, you need to first validate it on our website. Then you get a game pin that you have to enter here.

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